What’s Included in Your Pet’s Dental Treatment at Pine Ridge Pet Clinic

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Having your family vet perform an annual dental examination and cleaning is one of the most important things you can do for your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. It’s the best way to prevent periodontal disease, tooth loss and decay, and related infections that can lead to serious health issues. Here’s what to expect when you bring your pet to the Pine Ridge Pet Clinic of Deltona, FL for a thorough dental cleaning and exam.

Before The Procedure

Your vet will brief you on everything that will be done during the procedure, and then give your pet a complete physical examination. This will include taking a blood sample and possibly a urine sample for lab testing to ensure there are no underlying issues that could cause complications. They’ll give you instructions on what to do the night before you bring your pet in for cleaning, including withholding food past a certain time to prevent vomiting during the procedure.

During The Procedure

Your pet will be anesthetized to put them to sleep during the dental exam and teeth cleaning procedure to prevent the stress and anxiety they would otherwise experience and to keep them still. An IV will be inserted to provide them with the fluids necessary to maintain blood pressure and their vital signs will be closely monitored during the entire process. A full set of dental X-rays will be taken to allow for the discovery of hidden decay and disease. The vet will use special dental tools to probe around the teeth and gums to discover cavities and decay under the gum line. Fillings will be applied to cavities where needed, and if necessary a severely damaged tooth will be extracted. Then your pet’s teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and excess plaque scaled away, and their teeth will be polished to a gleaming white.

After The Procedure

Your pet will need to spend a couple of hours in a recovery room before you can take them home. Expect your pet to spend a whole day at the clinic. Your vet will go over the results of the dental exam with you and advise you of any further recommended treatment. They may prescribe antibiotics or pain medication if necessary. They’ll give you complete instructions for post-procedural care, and for how you can promote good dental health for your pet at home.

To schedule a dental examination and cleaning for your pet at the Pine Ridge Pet Clinic, please use our convenient online form. We look forward to seeing you!