Pine Ridge Pet Clinic is a full service veterinary clinic.

At Pine Ridge Pet Clinic we understand that your pets are part of the family and we strive to offer the highest quality of care and comfort, to ensure that your pets are happy and healthy. Pine Ridge Pet Clinic offers a variety of services including; comprehensive yearly examinations and vaccinations, heartworm tests, parasite screening as well as surgical procedures, dentistry and x-ray.

Come and see for yourselves why pets love Pine Ridge Pet Clinic!

Working Together

The quality care of animals is a responsibility we gladly share with their owners. We are specially staffed and equipped to assume that responsibility and are supported by years of training and experience to provide care for your pet. Of course, we must look to the owner to see that his pet is properly nourished and groomed, to protect the pet from injury and accident, and to exercise every possible precaution related to the pet’s well being. In the final analysis, the owner is our very earliest diagnostic tool – the first to recognize unusual behavior in the pet that may indicate the need for professional treatment. We are here to address any concerns that you may have regarding your pets health.

Practice Philosophy

It is our desire to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care to our patients and offer the best possible service to our clients. We feel that the best policy to safeguard your pet’s health is preventative care. Many disease processes can be prevented or at least identified in the early stages with regular physical examinations and laboratory testing. Yearly examinations and vaccinations are a must for good health. Whether providing preventative care or treating current problems, our highly trained staff will strive to provide the best in veterinary medical services. We believe in continuing education for our staff members to assure the highest level of competency. We hope that you, as the client, will accept and appreciate our philosophy so that we may work together for your pet’s well being.

A Little History

Pine Ridge Pet Clinic grew out of Deltona Pet Lodge, a boarding facility opened in 1995 at its present location. In 1997 we added full service veterinary care and changed our name to reflect the addition of veterinary care and to identify our location next to Pine Ridge High School. In 2000 we added a five thousand foot addition to better serve the needs of the community. We are proud to have been part of the community for so long.

In Summary

Having a pet in the house is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences in life. Pets are a source of security and companionship for people of any age and a springboard for children to learn about loyalty, love and responsibility. We understand and share your compassion for animals and we hope that your contact with Pine Ridge Pet Clinic is one which continually enriches your own knowledge of pet care. We are privileged to be of service to you and your pets.