We are committed to provide the highest quality pet care available with emphasis on safety, comfort, cleanliness, and the well being of your pet.


While you pet is staying with us, a variety of services are available such as; ear cleaning, toenail trims, baths and even nature walks. Our veterinarians are available for comprehensive physical examinations, vaccinations, laboratory testing, parasite screenings, surgery and dentistry to help in maintaining your pets’ good health and happiness.


Our facility consists of spacious, climate controlled, individual, indoor kennels with outside access, so that on pleasant days your pet has ample opportunity for fresh air.


We recommend bringing your pet’s normal diet in a Ziploc bag, labeled with their name and feeding instructions. This prevents stomach upsets that may occur from a change in diet during their stay. In the event that you forget your food we can provide Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for dogs and Science Diet Original for cats.


We will be happy to administer any medications prescribed by your veterinarian at an additional charge. Please provide all medications in their original packaging.


Lodging reservations will be guaranteed by providing a deposit for each pet, equal to two days boarding fees. The deposit will be credited towards your final boarding bill. Because we do not retain credit card numbers a new deposit will be required for subsequent reservations. Reservations are recommended for any lodging but are especially important during holidays and summer months.

Reservations may be cancelled up to 72 hours prior to arrival for a full refund, however, should you cancel outside of the time allowed, the deposit will be forfeited. Last minute cancellations and no-shows are unfair to others on our waiting list. This reservation system provides a fair opportunity for all of our guests.

Emergency Contact

You will be asked to provide an emergency contact upon your arrival. This can be a relative or trusted friend who is able and authorized by you, to make decisions about your pet should an emergency arise and we are unable to contact you.

Tours and Questions

We would be happy to provide you a tour of our facility prior to your reservation. Touring before your arrival day will allow us sufficient time to show you around and to answer any questions that you may have.

Some of the outdoor dog boarding kennels

Boarding Check-in and Check-out Hours

  • Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
  • Sat: 9am-2pm
  • Sun: 9am-10am and 4pm-5pm (Boarding charges must be prepaid)

Check-out for our boarding pets is 11:00am, Monday through Saturday. An additional day will be charged for any pets picked up after 11:00am. We also offer Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning or afternoon check-out, for those pets whose boarding charges have been prepaid at check-in.

Boarding Requirements


  • Healthy Examination
  • Current Vaccinations
    • Rabies
    • Distemper/Parvo
    • Bordetella
    • Canine Influenza (To be effective, vaccine must be administered in a series of two vaccines, given two weeks apart. Immunity is not effective until three days after the second vaccine)
  • Fecal Check (Negative for internal parasites)


  • Healthy Examination
  • Current Vaccinations
    • Rabies
    • Distemper
    • Feline Leukemia (or a negative test in past six months)
  • Fecal Check (Negative for internal parasites)

All pets must be in good health and have had their vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian. All vaccinations will be verified and must be current a minimum of one month prior to lodging with us. Additionally, pets must have a negative fecal screenings for internal parasites within the past year. If your pet is found to be lacking in any of the lodging requirements, you will be notified and may then choose to have the items performed here or by your regular veterinarian. If your pet should have fleas upon arrival, an additional charge will be apply for flea treatment and bath. Puppies aged 7 weeks to 7 months are required to have a bath before they go home.

Boarding Rates

Our rates are based on the species and weight of the pet. Please contact us for current boarding fees.